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Fire Features

Artificial Trees

Water Features

Artificial Rockwork


Tile and stone placement

Architectural Models

Schematic Design

Utility Camouflage

Iconic Sculptures

Concrete overlay

Display Structures

Concept Design

Detail Design

3D Signage

SHADE structures

Play Equipment




I'm Jake Honeycutt


I started Dirty Paws in 2002 as an art based construction company. Coming from a background in themed construction (think Universal Studios) I knew I wanted to continue in that line of work but my entrepeneurial spirit would no longer allow me to work for someone else. With encouragement from friends and inspired by my pooch Najii, Dirty Paws was born. Since then, I have been providing unique and special water fountains , fire features along with timeless masonry and artistic sculptures. The portfolio  covers projects from Alaksa to Seattle and Arizona to the east coast. . . so you know I love to travel! I really love a design challenge and I want my work to be solid, reputable and above all artistic in nature. With experience and expertise in a  wide range of  construction materials, resources and methods I can create in stone, steel, plastics and resins.  


On the side, I enjoy spending time with my  dogs and chickens, digital photography and the fun that is photoshop, I like painting when I can and love Atypical, Tales from the Loop and Kim's Convenience!


I love living in Tucson but if I am here too long I get restless. I will eventually live in Alaska and if you ask anyone I love Puerto Rico!



Jake Honeycutt
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